Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Machine Review

conf2The Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine is just like the name suggests, slim. It’s the latest product from Confidence Fitness and they promise it to be effective yet easy to use without intimidating technology. Lets find out in my detailed review why this machine is currently one of the best sellers on the market. The vibration plate creates a high frequency vibration which causes a stretch reflex within the body. The vibration is acting as your resistance. According to the manufacturer, 10 minutes on the WBV machine is equivalent to one hour of exercise. Beginners, senior citizens, and advanced athletes are able to achieve major benefits such as: Increased blood flow, ability to strengthen muscles in a short period of time, to improve joint flexibility and increase range of motion, to improve balance and help build bone density.  WBV exercise can be beneficial to one’s health in so many ways. You may notice that you sleep better, your clothes fit better, improved appearance of varicose veins, cellulite,and tighten skin. The whole vibration machine provides not only health benefits, but it’s relaxing, enjoyable, and easy to use.

blue !Some medical conditions like joint problems, some metal implants, recent fractures, gall or kidney stone, epilepsy, a heart condition especially pacemaker can be a contraindication for using WBV machine. I would recommend seeing your doctor for medical advice before using a vibration trainer.



The design is a fairly typical, streamlined, rectangular platform 15” x 21” with reinforced steel handles coming up the back and meeting underneath the display screen. The distance between the handles at the pulse rate location is 24.5 inches. Although it’s definitely not a heavy machine, picking it up and moving it around could prove to be a little difficult; for this reason two small wheels have been situated at the bottom, which doesn’t affect stability, but makes it portable. The best part is the low impact exercise it provides. This is optimal for people recovering from injuries as long as your doctor says it’s okay. The vibration platform is not steel but a molded thick rubber. For the most part the Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Machine doesn’t really take up a lot of space like other equipment for instance treadmills and exercise bikes. In addition it allows for easy maneuvering. The base is wide enough that most people will be able to sit on it for additional exercises.


pivotalmovement This WBV machine is based on one motor underneath the platform generating pivotal movement, known as an oscillation movement, when the left and right sides alternate up and down while the center remains fixed, mimicking walking or running movement in place. The muscles respond to this vibration by contracting as a natural stretch reflex at very high speed, so muscles on both sides of the body are never engaged at the same time forcing your body to maintain balance creating stronger core muscles and proper posture.  Muscles are exercised while shaking, activating muscle fibers, therefore toning and building muscle mass is faster. This oscillating (pivotal) vibration has been shown in independent research to be the safest and most effective method of whole body vibration exercise for all ages and fitness level without a personal trainer. This type of vibration can support heavy weight, have a low impact on the body, are easy on the organs, joints, and spine.conf3

The maximum power of this vibration machine is 1.5hp. Its amplitude ranges between 0 and 10mm. Amplitude is a measure of how high up and down the sides of the plate move. One of the advantages of a pivotal machine is the ability to adjust the amplitude and intensity of the workout by moving your feet closer in towards the center of the platform. For example if your feet are too far apart almost at the end of the platform and you feel the vibration is too strong for you even at the lowest intensity, you can simply move your feet in closer together for a less vigorous workout. You won’t be able to do this adjustment on linear, vertical, or tri-planar vibration machine.

The Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine has an adjustable speed range starting at1 and going all the way up to 50, therefore you are able to control the vibration intensity. Every vibration machine is different but every vibration machine has a speed and every manufacture should give you the information showing the corresponding frequency. The frequency, measured in Hertz ((Hz), gives the number how many times the platform moves up and down per second. Unfortunately, the manufacture of this machine doesn’t provide this information at all but you can easily figure out the frequency on your own. Set the vibration at the low speed, put a finger on each side of the vibration plate, and count how many times the plate touches either finger over one minute period. Divide the number by 60 and you will have the frequency of your machine.

The standard frequency range for a pivotal vibration machine is 7-28 Hz. This number is based on the natural contraction and relaxation cycle of the muscles. The cheaper machine made in China do not go up to 28 Hz. It’s more likely 14 Hz. If the machine is not strong enough you probably will not get the health benefits of whole body vibration exercise. That might be the reason why the manufacture of this vibration machine doesn’t provide corresponding frequency to the speed.

You might be wondering what speed or frequency is better. This truly depends on your goals and on your comfort zone. I’ve read hundreds of research and reviews which emphasised that everybody should start off at lower speed, slowly progressing to the higher speed and intensity. The exact number is up to you.

The motor runs on 600 watts of power. A feature many users like is the fact that it’s quiet and sturdy. Once you get it balance on the floor there is no wobble. The machine can be used while watching television without the need to turn up the volume. One negative aspect from users is the lack of power. For heavy duty shaking this isn’t the ideal machine. Considering the size and the watts the lack in power is rather obvious.


All the controls are handled from an LCD screen console except on/off switch located in the back at the bottom of the platform near a power cord  No remote control though, but navigating through the timer, speed and body fat value is quite simple. The BMI function is very useful in logging progress.  The manual program speed H/L –High/Low can be set anywhere between 1-50. The speed can be change with the speed+ and speed- buttons. The automated programs P1, P2, P3 all have preset speed running through a variety of speeds changing every 30 seconds. Pulse rate monitor available by placing hands on grab bars.  Power cord is 7 ft long.


In regards to accessories there are yoga straps that are built into the machine. This allows resistance training without really needing anything else.  The yoga straps slip over two eye hooks that are secured to the base of the machine.  These can be a pit of a pain to attach but seem to hold well when in place. You might have difficulty finding the place to attach the yoga strap. The connections for the straps are on the platform, not on the base of the machine. You can use these straps to do arm and upper body exercises while on the vibration platform for a more complete workout.


According to most users the assembling part is very straightforward, especially for people who struggle with DIY equipment. There are some people who complained about the instructions and the lack of information. The pictures in the instruction manual do not correspond to the supplied screws and washers, as they are not the same. Therefore you need to figure out what screws go where. It comes with 5 different sets of bolts and 4 different sets of washers but the instruction shows only 3 different bolts and 2 different washers, which can be confusing. When replacing the plate cover be sure to align their holes and especially to be careful not to pinch the wires during assembly. If you have a problem to find the wires look for a shell. The wires are inside the shell requiring it be removed. The plate cover has to come off first. That’s a bit tricky as it’s held on with double-sided tape. Few screws from the shell itself give an access to the wiring.

 Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Machine Dimensions   Confidence Slim Whole Body Vibration Machine

  • Dimensions: 29″ x 27.5″ x 48″
  • Vibration plate dimensions: 21″ x 15″Weight 62 lbs
  • Weight of package when delivered : 69 lbs
  • Maximum Power 1.5 hp
  • Motor output Power: 600W
  • Input Voltage: 100-120v
  • Frequency Range 50-60Hz
  • Speed Range 1-50
  • Maximum user weight: 300 lb


  • Low impact exercise
  • Design and compactness. It can be stored in a corner and it takes very little space.
  • Easy to move around. Even though it’s a little machine, it won’t be necessary to do any lifting thanks to the wheels underneath.
  • Quiet. Users really like the fact that it doesn’t drown out all the sounds around them.
  • Easy assembling. Discarding the few complains regarding the lack of instrutions, most find it very easy to set up.
  • Price. Initially the price was a little high, but with the huge reduction it’s worth the while.


  • Lack of power
  • Instruction not user friendly at all
  • No exercise program included
  • No explanation about the differences in the various setting
  • Elastic bands offer little resistance
  • Screws need to be tighten every so often due to vibration

  Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Machine Ratings

You can find hundred of positive reviews. When looking at the online ratings not all of them are 5 out of 5 stars, but nine out of ten are full marks. This doesn’t really come as a surprise because for a cheaper machine like this there is a lot of quality.


There is a warranty of 6 months but there is an optional 2 years Smart Guard Protection for $ 29.99.

  Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Machine Price

The current price ranges from $250 – $300 coming down from about $1000. Obviously it doesn’t fall under the high-end section, but it’s still worth the while. For those who wants a more intense vibration you might consider a higher-end model with G force -  otherwise you’ll be disappointed. However, for people who live in small apartments or rooms this a great buy. Especially with such a low noise motor it won’t bother the neighbors. It’s also a good option for people who don’t want to spend too much on a vibrating machine, but still want to get good results. It’s accommodating for people who like to re-arrange their homes every three months and individuals looking for low impact exercising equipment. I really hope that my unbiased review will help you with the right buying decision of whole body vibration machine.


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