Hi, my name is Tamara Welch. A few months ago, I made an awesome discovery on a visit to a County Fair: the whole body vibration machine. Of course, I had heard of the concept of passive exercise before. I am a registered nurse working in trauma ICU and I love to keep fit. In fact, my work requires me to be alert at all times, so I am always looking for ways to stay energized despite my busy schedule. I lead a healthy life, make use of lunch breaks and lulls at the trauma center (which is rare) to take a brief walk or complete a few stretches. I put in at least thirty minutes of exercise daily when I am at home as well. And I am always looking for new and scientific ways to achieve better health.

On this visit to the County Fair, a poster advertising whole body vibration machines caught my eye. I had not looked into passive exercise before, though I had heard of it. It got me hooked with the claims: improved circulation, increased muscle strength, increased bone density, improvements in general fitness, core conditioning, enhanced metabolism, reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, stimulation of collagen and reduction of cellulite were some of the things the machine promised. I was intrigued. So I went back home and did some research.

I was already excited by the wonderful new way of working out without doing much work! It seemed a brilliant way to exercise for people that do not have the time. You could do this while watching TV or while simply unwinding after a hard day at work.

So I did some research and compared brands and machines to find out the best specifications. I wanted to share what I found with you, and I hope that everyone that is interested in buying this WBV machine can make an easy decision after reading this reviews of how to choose such a machine.

I hope that these tips make it easier to find your perfect machine, as I found mine!