What are the Benefits of WBV Machine?

  • improves circulation & blood oxygenation
  • may aid weight loss & trim abdominal fat
  • maintains & helps build lean muscle mass
  • increases muscle strength ( esp. explosive strength)
  • improves flexibility & balance
  • improves & maintains bone density
  • improves lymphatic health
  • reduces appearance of cellulite & varicose vein
  • decreases cortisol levelJust 10 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week


Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Machine Review The Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine is just like the name suggests, slim. It’s the latest product from Confidence Fitness and they promise it to be effective yet easy to use without intimidating technology. Lets find out in my detailed review why this machine is currently one of the best sellers on the market. The vibration plate creates a high frequency vibration which causes a stretch reflex within the body. The vibration is acting as your resistance. According to the manufacturer, 10 minutes on the WBV machine is equivalent to…

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Leading a healthy lifestyle

Welcome to UltimateBodyTrainer.com. As a person who likes to keep fit with regular exercise and a balanced diet, I tend to search for alternative methods which can help me maintain a healthy lifestyle, hence the purpose of this site. Something  has recently caught my eye due to the growing popularity and different advantages. The problem with the growing popularity is the amount of room allowed for large amount of misinformation. Whole body vibration machine reviews are vast on the internet and it is also the trend that grabbed my attention.My aim is to provide those who might be interested in…

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